The Big Switch

The BIG Switch!

The future of energy is decentralized

That which powers the world has changed so much in our lifetime. Some lucky people have lived long enough to see the world go from the Bretton Woods Gold-Standard, to the Petrodollar and now to the new Electrodollar (cryptocurrency ‘crypto’). All this buying power is pinned to whatever commodity was most valued at the time.

Why all the hype around crypto lately? Think of it this way, what if you had a big switch that could only ever move in one direction and can only be switched once. One side says OIL the other ELECTRICITY. From that point on, all you would have to power your life would be that chosen source of energy. Put simply: Computers, EV’s, solar and smart phones – V/S – petrol/diesel cars, lanterns and smoke signals.

Which way would you move the switch? It’s inevitable – Right?

All the big automakers are in the process of moving that switch, same goes for big oil and electricity providers. It’s not hard to imagine a world where smart batteries, EV’s, solar and renewable work with A.I to flow electrons to wherever you need power in your life. Making energy ubiquitous and essentially free! It’s the progression we have seen with mobile, internet, cloud computing and digital finance.

Solar panels and storage are arguably the most cost-effective energy source. All-in-one smart hybrid inverters are easy to install and remarkably affordable. Now, couple this with an EV with a two-way vehicle to home (V2H) connection and you can power your home with your car, and your car with your home. Living independent of the grid in any home is now becoming possible.

Although it might seem like a dream of the future, this is actually happening now! It is possible to imagine a world in the not-too-distant future, where we have a smart home integrated solar energy hub that intelligently stores electricity in compact small battery modules. We might carry these battery modules around like we currently do with a mobile phone. These could universally power most lifestyle products, like e-bikes, e-motorcycles, e-boats, RV’s, outdoor power equipment and even e-aircraft. Basically anything you could imagine running on electricity, will power with a simple battery click.

The future will be decentralized! The opportunity it provides for independence of finance, energy and lifestyle has never been greater, and this is just the beginning!


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